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Originally Posted by Proudmama2maet View Post
Hi everyone, this is my first post to the board. I am on day 11 of the IP diet...sooo happy to be through that first week- I felt sick and weak for a good chunk of it so lurking on this forum really helped me through that as I could see it wasn't abnormal and was something that would pass if I gave it time. This week though I'm struggling with cravings. I have two children and so I have things in the house that I can't currently eat like cookies and crackers but there are times in the day where I just have to come to my bedroom with a glass of water to wait out an intense craving. Have others found the cravings to be something that pass over time?

Have a great Saturday everyone.
I have 3 daughters and I teach little kids I am constantly around "snack" time. I had very intense cravings during the first couple weeks mostly because the diet also caused my cycle to start. They passed, then my regular cycle came about a week and a half later and I experienced less intense cravings but mostly for salt and protein which I could satisfy within the diet. Good news is they got better, too bad I had 2 cycles this month but apparently its a side effect (a positive one) lol
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