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Good Morning! Just waiting to get my day started. My "mom" used to call at 7:30 but switched to 8:30 because she had a hard time getting up when it was dark. Bob is sleeping in and the "boys" are guarding the deck waiting for the squirrels. I feel like I am running late!

"Gma" -- You had a busy day yesterday! My nail salon opens at 9 and I try to be the first one in the door. I really like the guy to do mine because he is faster the the girls. It sounds like Kelly and family are having fun, except for the Segway accident. Hope Jack's rehab goes well. Yesterday I ran into the gal who stands next to me playing bells. She has a mass attached to her colon and having surgery in a week. A card playing friend just had a lung removed due to cancer and never smoked. Scary!

Nothing planned for today except making food and checking things off my list for card club. Hope you enjoy your weekend!
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