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Hey ladies!

Remember me?
I'm crazy busy these days, however this is not likely to change anytime soon and I don't want to go MIA again. So here I am, dog-tired (it's past midnight), but posting.

First off, welcome to all of our newcomers!

As for me, my body seems to be convinced that 165.5 is the bestest number in the whole wide world - maybe that's why it has such a hard time letting it go and finally move on to... oh, I don't know, 165.0 would be nice
I've been a good girl, though (weeeell, mostly. To the best of my ability ), so I hope it's just a matter of "patience, grasshopper, patience". Right? Right?
On the other hand, I had a NSV yesterday. One that kind of scares me, to be honest. You know those special "plus size stores"? Where the smallest size is a 12? (Just picture the European equivalent of Lane Bryant, Torrid and the like)
It's offical: I can no longer shop there.
A couple of weeks ago, I had finally accepted that I needed to buy some new clothes (mainly because I have no desire to repeat my experience from last July which I usually just refer to as "The Incident": I lost my pants in public. Thank goodness there was no-one around to witness... well, you know ). Anyways, I ordered a couple of pants and shirts in their smallest size - and I had to send each and every one of them back. All of them were too big. So I then ordered some pants and shirts from a "regular size store", and with the way that "vanity sizing" goes here, I thought I'd need a size 12 for sure. Then a friend of mine butted in and persuaded me to go for a 10. "Just for fun". Yeah, right, as if... But, I did. Just to humor her.
Long story short - I'm apparently now a "regular size" 10
And for some reason this scares me. A lot. Now is that silly or what?
Oh well, I guess that gives me something to ponder, hm?

(See, that's why I shouldn't post late at night )
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