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Originally Posted by nonameslob View Post
All I know is I finally determined that diet soda (and artificial sweeteners in general) gave me serious tummy troubles. Once I made that correlation, it was easy to kick the habit.

If you're drinking diet soda and you're losing weight, then what's the problem? I'm not saying it's good to drink a ton of diet soda. I'm not saying it's not addictive. Caffeine certainly is! But being overweight is a health problem, too. If you need to, tackle one thing at a time. Trying to "quit" soda while also trying to lose weight could cause a bigger problem. But, if you're struggling to lose weight, maybe it's worth trying to cut out the diet soda and see if it helps?

From what I've read, the science seems pretty murky. I personally made a decision to listen to my body (and my gut thanks me tremendously!), but your body might tell you something else.
Your approach makes a lot of sense to me. Every time I have dieted in the past I have tried to cut everything that I determined to be unhealthy out of my diet. It was too much change at once. Each person only has so much willpower.
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