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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
I know everyone says don't weigh everyday but I can't help it I'm a serial weigher, and I realize weight fluctuates but it's been nice to say that it either stays the same or goes down, although the week before TOM I had a couple days where it went down then up about .8lbs the next day... well this morning I had a slap in the face, I went up 1.6lbs from the day before, what the heck? I was sick yesterday but I stayed OP I didn't take any medicine or cough drops, the only thing I did different yesterday was add mio to my water which coach said was fine a long time ago. So today I'm thinking all that mio I bough is gonna get chucked. Over a lb and a half in one day seems like a lot... I KNOW I KNOW quit weighing everyday especially if it's going to get me upset, and it's not really that I'm upset I'm just worried I did something wrong.

WHOA - deep breath! It is very normal to go up in weight when you have been sick. Illness causes inflammation and that will cause a temporary increase in weight on top of normal day to day and hour to hour weight fluctuations.

It is highly doubtful Mio would play a role in the increase... Though some report it increases cravings for sweeter things.

Also keep in mind that stress in General can cause an increase... Ie stress from worrying about an increase that is more than likely tied to the body coping with having been sick.

Rest, feel better and RELAX... give yourself several days or more to get back to your true weight!

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