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^ I love golden girls lol. I don't think it's silly, watching comedies has been therapeutic at times when I was in dark moments and wanted to escape my own thoughts/feelings. My personal fave is Curb your enthusiasm, I just can't help but laugh when I watch that show. Thanks for all the other suggestions.

today I took a bus for the first time in 4 years or so since my car broke down. So maybe that is a progress into fully desensitizing my brain, we will see.

I have started doing 12 step Overeaters anonymous. I dabbled in it before but would get way too frustrated and stop. This time it's been a full month, actually going through steps with a sponsor on phone,etc(have not been to face to face meeting yet) I went in because I was desperate to do anything to stop my overeating/compulsive eating/binge eating. But I've stayed for all the shares I read and people i've spoken with through email that give support. Some of these people not only are recovered from eating but are filled with peace that you can feel from their writings. Another has found relief with her depression. I went in for the food but am also staying for the hope that it can help with my fears and becoming an overall more content person. I just wanted to share this in case it is of help or something to look into for anyone.

Someone else also suggested a CD to me, Pass through Panic, Dr Claire weekes(her book hope and help for your nerves is really good) that was very helpful to them so just wanted to pass that on, it could be really helpful to play in the car while driving if you have issues there.
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