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If there is one thing I had to learn about weight loss it was PATIENCE! Jeez, I thought I had been a patient person before but apparently, I didn't really know the definition until I went about losing weight.
Everyone needs some faith. Faith in themselves that the decisions you are making are GOING to add up and they are GOING to work. If you are in a calorie deficit- however it is that you want to do that- you are guaranteed to lose weight as long as you are patient. Even if the scale doesn't reflect it that day or the next.
Losing weight it a slow process that some days and weeks, I didn't even notice a difference.
It's not just about wanting that scale to hurry up and drop down (but know you can't make it go any faster than your metabolism will allow), I also needed to be patient with myself when I made bad decisions.

Remember, you're in it for the long haul. So, there's no point in getting deterred by 5 pounds that didn't come off quickly enough.
Time is your friend. Not your enemy

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