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Originally Posted by carter View Post

I wouldn't worry about your wife's goal weight at all, tricon. When she gets closer to whatever weight you think a healthy weight for her would be, she may very well find that she's on a roll with the weight loss and is ready to go further. Or, she might find that it's hard enough to maintain at that level and is content with whatever improvements she has made to her health and well-being. There's no way for either her or you to know, at this stage.

I have always said - and I still do - that my goal weight is the weight I am when I find that going lower (and staying there) is more work than I am willing or able to do. I don't see any reason for choosing a goal weight any other way than that for myself. And it doesn't have to be a static number, because the amount of work I am willing and able to do at any given time can vary.
This is very wise, and I think your wife is being wise as well. A random number some statistician tells us we are magically health and normal for having achieved does not mean jack if the quality of life we sacrifice in achieving it is beyond what we can bear.

Evaluating goals is very, very tricky. What looked like a good goal when I was morbidly obese turned out to not be satisfying or a necessary stopping point when I actually hit it. But there was no way to know that before I was actually there and maintained there for a few months. Let her play it by ear and decide for herself. I think her attitude is much healthier than a lot of women, truth be told!
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