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Thanks for all the positive thoughts, y'all. By force of will I've managed to shove about 700 calories into myself, by 5 PM, so I guess that's not too bad. Now if only I could stop for the day... =sigh=

I'm afraid recipes are not helpful, because I don't cook. My first year in med school, way back in 1977-78, I tried to learn how to cook, but then all of a sudden I had no time, and I never got back to it. I got in the habit of working around the clock and grabbing sleep when I could. Even now that I'm retired, I'm always working—at art, writing, correspondence, language learning, reading...For many, many years I lived on frozen meals, take-out, what Bob cooks, and of course junk food, mostly cereal and cookies. At the peak of Bob's depression, 2011-12, I didn't eat anything but cereal and cookies. Once a day I'd stir protein powder in my cereal, I always put lots of raisins on top, and I took vitamins. I gained a lot of weight doing that.

I'm just not very interested in food—never have been. I hate sitting down at a table with other people, because it was such a horrible ordeal in my family. When I was a kid in the atomic age, they told us in the future we wouldn't have to eat, just swallow a few pills every day. I thought that sounded terrific—less time with my parents, more time to do fun stuff! Like working...I've never worked at anything in my life that hasn't been loads of fun.

I'll get through this somehow. If I end up undereating for a while, so be it. At least my mood is good! =smile= I've been reading up on restricting, like what anorexics do, but that doesn't seem to apply to me: those people are very hungry all the time. I'm not hungry at all. What motivates me to eat is that it stops the pain in my stomach. But the actual eating itself is an annoying chore. This didn't happen's been developing gradually ever since I went cold turkey on sweets.

Terra— The Month of Letters is a self-directed challenge: you try to put at least one card or letter in the mail every single day in February that the post office is open. Most people put more than one thing in the mail every day, and they have badges you can earn for special feats like seeking out new mailboxes, sending fan letters, getting all your stuff hand-cancelled (I'm very serious about that, all year round), writing to people in other countries, etc. Some people are competitive about it, trying to send out more cards & letters than anyone else, but most of us just view it as a chance to find new penpals, trade addresses with each other, and hang out with other folks who are obsessed with everything pertaining to snail-mall.

Current mini-goal: Get BACK down to 260
Pounds to go: 7

Mini-goal 1: 30 days binge-free —> done 12/21/13 & binge-free now
Mini-goal 2: Get down to 280 —> done 5/22/14
Mini-goal 3: Get down to 260 —> done 1/1/16
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