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Default Eating Healthy on a Budget

Hello all! Let me start off by saying that I have been tryng to adopt a much healthier lifestyle for a while now, but up until a couple months back I have not been taking this change very seriously and therefore, I've been slacking. As of late, however, I have been kicking my butt back into gear and getting very serious; 30 is only a few yeasr away and I have heard from many women that it only gets harder to lose weight after hitting that magical age. I realize that I cannot look at this as a diet- but a permanent change to my overall way of living. I have been making it a point to change my eating habits and only purchasing food items of good nutritional value, howver, I'm needing to get some advice on how to save on my grocery bill while maintaining a healthy diet. I've taken notice on how much more my grocery bill is now that I am trying to clean up my eating and purchase healthier food items. So far, I've been mapping out my meals for the week and purchasing 2 weeks worh of groceries at a time- this helps, but I honestly feel that I can afford to cut more corners in terms of saving money. Does anyone have advice on inexpensive food staples or possible money saving recipes? Your input is greatly appreciated!
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