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Default I'm starting to take control once again

Before I reached 50 (I am 64 in May) I managed to control my weight just fine. I was a fat school girl but a slim size 12 young nurse,and a size 16 young mum which I managed to stay at.
Following a bereavement my husband and I ballooned. I am now 18st 9lbs and only 5ft 5inches. The weight has settled mainly on hips and tummy... I look like a ball on legs and it isn't a pretty sight. As you can imagine I am very unhappy with all of this, so comfort eat.
My husband is getting the weight off by exercise, walking the dog and cycling. I can't do any of that at the moment because my hips knees and ankles are suffering badly. We recently moved house and the stairs are getting to be a nightmare
My doctor’s sister belongs to the same crafting circle as I do and she has weight problem too. Like me, she needs to shift a fair amount quickly and then tackle the rest with healthy diet and exercise. She has found a cheaper alternative to Cambridge, ‘Shake that weight’ on the internet; 4 shakes a day, or 3 with a healthy evening meal and she has lost a stone in 3 weeks but like me, that is just a drop in the ocean, but as she says it is great to feel in charge again. Her brother is monitoring her.
So, I have an appointment with him on Friday for a complete health check and if I get the green light and if he agrees to monitor me every week or so, I shall order my stuff straight away.
It will be nice chatting to you all and getting exercise tips for when my joints stop complaining
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