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Lunch choices were not the best yesterday but I only went 3 pts. over my daily so it wasn't a total disaster. Today I'm coming in low. I can have a snack later!

Angela: You are doing really, really well. Keep it up!

Carol: Talk about stress! Sounds like you handled it well. I moved offices a few times. They were not my favorite times but the one thing I learned when my travel time went up to 45 minutes was that it gave me time to wind down before I walked in the front door in the evening. I'm a morning person so getting to work on time and being cheerful was a goal. I kinda liked teasing the grumps and last minute arrivees in the morning. Keep getting yourself to the pool too.

We are expecting a storm with up to a foot of wet snow on Wednesday into early Thurs. We are all hoping that the warm front pushes farther north than expected and it is mostly rain but that's pretty doubtful. I may do WW Wed. morning rather than Thurs. I'll decide as the week moves along.

Everyone enjoy your week and stick to your program.
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