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Good Monday to everyone!

Such a busy weekend! Friday night was poker. I got home around 12:30, showered and went to bed, but didn't fall asleep until nearly 2. Had to wake up at 6 to get ready and meet a friend for breakfast at 7:30 before we attended a 1/2 day workshop together in San Francisco. The workshop was amazing. Afterwards, I went to the hospital where my ex-SIL was and visited with her for a bit. She was pretty loopy on meds but at least not in any pain; a double mastectomy is serious surgery. The initial results of the biopsy show that her lymph nodes are clean. But the complete results, which will determine if she needs to undergo chemo and/or radiation, will take a few days. Then I picked Santa up from day care, we went to the dog park for an hour and then home.

I fell asleep at 8 pm Saturday night and didn't wake up 'till Santa had to go out at 7 am. I went over to my step-mom's and hooked up a new wi-fi printer for her.

Then I went to a Hypnosis for Weight Loss seminar. I thought it was just going to be a sales-pitch kind of thing with maybe one brief hypnosis session. It was actually a full workshop that reviewed nutrition and exercise, and there were four short hypnosis sessions: one where we pictured our ideal body..seeing ourselves in the body we would like to have; the next was a fattening food aversion where we vividly saw all our favorite unhealthy foods turn into something disgusting (I won't share the details for any that may be eating or have just eaten while reading this) - it was quite vivid and felt a little nauseous/revolted; in the third, we imagined a wall that represented whatever our reasons were for resisting - and then after really deeply realizing our reasons for resistance, we pushed the wall over or demolished it; and the final hypnosis session had to do with unzipping our "fat suit" and stepping out of it/taking it off, then we asked our "fat suit" what it's purpose was (to keep people at bay to protect us from getting too close, to help us not feel unpleasant emotions, whatever), we thanked the "fat suit" for doing what it thought we needed at the time, but said that we don't need that anymore, and we threw it away or destroyed it. Then we saw ourselves as healthy, vibrant, energetic and loving our it currently is and as it's becoming our ideal body. Hard to explain, but it was VERY, VERY good.

There are a lot of people out there doing hypnosis for weight loss, and some are probably not that good and some might even be scams. I started a Hypno for Weight Loss workshop in Wisconsin, but then I had to move before it was over. And when this deal showed up on either Living Social coupons or GroupOn coupons, it was only $30 for a 3 hour session and I couldn't pass it up. Granted, I thought it was going to be a private session and it was a group session, but it was still amazing. And I have no desire to eat those fattening foods...I hope that lasts.

Santa is doing better. His appetite is back and he's walking on his foot between 50-75% of the time.

Happy - Glad things may be finally melting. I talked to my ex-DMIL over the weekend and she said that while it's warmed up to 30 there, it's still too cold and she's ready for spring too. Your anniversary fish fry dinner sounds yummy. As for logging on MyFitnessPal, I do really well at logging breakfast and lunch, but sometimes I don't get on the computer at night when I'm home, and sometimes I go nearly the entire weekend without logging on. I suppose I could try and use the app on my phone if I can find it among all my other apps. I start my back rehab class next Monday, and I'll definitely share what I learn. I think I'm going to do a chicken and noodles dish and something else not sure what. Her double mastectomy was not preventative. She actually had tumors in both breasts. This is my ex-DH's second sister to have breast cancer. The first was an older sister about 9 years ago (she was in her late 40s/early 50s), and this SIL is his youngest sister who is 45. So all the females in the family will have regular mammograms, which is a good idea for everyone. I've been getting them since I was 33 which is when my older sister was diagnosed with cancer she was 41 at the time (she's alive and doing very well - this is my sister that lives in Southern CA).

Laura - Glad your massage was relaxing and nice. Congrats on having the smaller jeans fit! That's great!! I haven't seen the trailers or reviews for "Non-Stop", but I really enjoyed Liam Neeson in Taken. Never did see the sequel to Taken though ("Retaken"?, "Taken2"). Glad you liked "Gravity".

Shad - You certainly are getting lots of walking in and visiting lovely places. I loved the photos of the ocean and red rocks, as well as the balcony and the views from your apartment. So beautiful! The sea is calling to me too. I'm hoping to be able to make some time before the end of the month to drive over to the ocean on a Saturday or Sunday. It's only an 45 minute drive, but sometimes my weekends are so full I don't have time for a relaxing day by the shore. So sad that Ruth had to say goodbye to Disney. Disney was very fortunate to be rescued from Katrina and to have found such a loving home with Ruth.

Ceejay - So sorry to hear you had a fall. I'm glad you weren't injured other than the soreness. I'm glad you're step-niece's fiance made it to the States. Enjoy your days without the trainee. So glad he's going to be moved. Nice that you're getting some overtime and extra pay so you can save for your vacation! Just allow yourself plenty of rest in the evenings. You're working five 12-hour shifts, right? That's brutal. Take care of yourself and rest when you can. Walking at a big store like Wal-Mart is an excellent way to get exercise.

Terra - The time walking at the mall probably passed more quickly with someone to talk to and more stuff to look at. Walking there 3 days per week is a good idea.

Susie - Congrats on the weight loss. How was your nephew's b'day party? As soon as I have some of the back rehab classes, I'll share the info. How cool that you know so much about composite decking. You did a gutsy move telling the decking company you didn't want to go back to Warranty...but I'm so glad it worked out so well for you.

Annie - I hope Samantha is doing well. I'm so looking forward to receiving news from you regarding Ace's arrival. Happy and Susie are right that you'll be able to shower affection on Jacob so he can more easily transition into the big brother role rather than feel jealous at having to share the attention.

I'm going to sign off for now. I didn't sleep well last night. I didn't fall asleep until around midnight, maybe because I slept so much on Saturday night. I'm tired now and need more

Much love and many hugs to all,

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