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Carol Sue Thanks for the advice on the fiber/carb thing. I guess I had forgotten that. Hope you can get things going for you. One thing I like about our Primary doc is that he keeps up with what is going on with us. I only have the 1 doc, but DH has had several and most of them are doctors who he has recommended to us and he stays on top of things. Remember when I told y'all about DH going to him in the beginning of his leg swelling from the clots? I heard that he got mad at DH's cardiologist because he should have caught it. He never would allow the cardiologist to take it over. He watches his PT like a hawk. It wasn't until he took over that the cardiologist got busy and sent DH to other specialists to be sure what was going on. We finally got to a blood doctor that now watches him closely as well. I think we get into too much trouble when doctors don't work together for us. When Tony had his neck surgery last our Primary would not agree to the surgery until everything was done to his satisfaction to be sure his meds were done exactly right because he is on coumidun. I appreciate him so much. I would love to move back to TX or to FL, but I am afraid of getting the wrong kind of doctor. Ours has spoiled us so.

Ruthie Glad you are back on track. I know how difficult it is when you are as busy as you are and then you add the grieving for your little precious Disney doesn't help either. Praying for you.

Rennie You are doing so good. Those last lbs you are working at to lose isn't easy to come off, but you are young and you will make it.

LittleMissNiki I can't add much more to what Carol Sue said except this. Too much sweets of any kind are almost like a poison or allergy for diabetics. I know I can eat a small portion of some things, but given a morsel over and I'm in trouble. Perhaps reminding him that this is a life and death situation for you just might be helpful. Usually a hubby or mate is afraid. They usually want to protect us and then they find themselves in a situation where they can't. Perhaps if he feels like he is protecting you by helping you, this will be easier for him. He just needs to know how.

Bonnie, Mad and others

Well, this morning the weight is coming back down to 231.2 and the fbs was 146. I am so close to being below the 230s and 140s again. I have figured out how to get this balanced. I have my plan for today of exercise and food plan. I will end with 1630 calories and 40 grams fiber. I think that is good. I do not have any plans to go higher on the fiber. I know the diabetic book says work up to 50, but at this time, I think 40 is good for a while. Especially as long as the weight and fbs comes down.

Y'all have a good day.
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