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Originally Posted by thirti4thirty View Post
I need to vent and ask an advice about this. I've learnt that I can get an advice for virtually everything on 3fc.
This has been a recurrent problem with me throughout the years. As I'm typing this right now, I'm surrounded by the sweet smells of some cooking going on in the neighborhood. Something sugary and buttery. UGH! I don't need this this early morning.
When I'm not trying to lose weight, these smells just drive me to go and stuff my face with something similar...or anything at all. I remember when I used to pass in front of a bread bakery everyday *sigh*. I would just have to walk inside and buy me some bread even though I didn't need it nor felt hungry.
I realized it was a problem when I was with a thin friend one day and she asked me: "Must you eat something JUST because you can smell it ?" Well yes! And I feel so guilty for being so weak and for allowing food to control my life that much!
Do you relate? How do YOU cope with smelling good and heavy food odors entering and filling your house when you're trying to leave lean?
I'm virtually right now. ***PLEASE HELP ME***
i know exactly how u feel-the smells of nice foods drives me insane especially when im not eating them as trying to lose weight!i cant watch ppl eat food im craving either-it makes me jealous and angry 2bh!and i have a v sensitve sense of smell 2!
its now turned in2 mind over matter 4me i literally just try ignore it n keep myself busy-at least yday the amazing smell coming from the kitchen was actually my healthy vegetable soup..!and i enjoyed it so much-who gets excited over veg soup..?!just me!
in the end all the hard work will b worth it-im looking ahead to end of month wen i will b treating mum to dinner so got that to look forward to-then a week after that its my boyfs bday and then a few days after that we r goin abroad for the summer!goals r worth it!keep going and dont give up :-)
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