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Originally Posted by ReenHag View Post
Thanks, everyone. I am actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow to be around friends and the kids. I need some smiles.

Thanks! I enjoy the Proti Diet cereals (honey nut and chocolatey) and Banana Bread bars. Proti-Thin has wafers that i use for an occasional treat. For lunch, I like the Proti-Diet chicken noodle soup sometimes, and the Spaghettini. Their shakes and puddings are good, too, but I have held off on some of them during the colder months.

Yes, I second that. Lower body weight, different body composition, plus being "off" alcohol for a time all contribute to a different response to drinking. My suggestion? Stay away from it. It is WAY easier than you think, and you will lose more quickly. Most alcoholic beverages are just empty calories with absolutely NO health benefits. When you are phasing off and are ready to indulge, stick with red wine and start with one glass, maybe even half a glass. See how you feel, and make sure you are safe transportation-wise (even have it at home just to be safe). Trust me, I thought this would be the hardest part of IP, but it was a cinch! And this is coming from a stressed put middle school teacher who used to have a bottle on hand at all times and go out to happy hour regularly with co-workers. I still hang out with them; I just stick with unsweet tea and Splenda. It truly is all about the company, not the booze.
LOL it must be a teacher thing! I figured alcohol would be the hardest part for me and so far it's been fine, I can't believe I'm starting week four tomorrow this has gone by so fast.
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