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I wonder what my son will do when he graduates. He's in Computer Science--first year. His best friend, who is arguably better in computer than he is, was in CS and after his first quarter in school changed to Political Science. He wants to be an ambassador to Iran (he's of Iranian descent). While a nice thing to aspire to, there are only a very SMALL amount of people who get that kind of job. Meanwhile, he has a job doing IT work at UCLA. My son is trying to get a job doing IT at UCIrvine.

I found an injured hummingbird in my back yard this afternoon. I made it some sugar water and moved it from the lawn to my counter near my grill so it's safe from ground predators. I feel so bad. It's chirping off and on like it's trying to get help. His tail looks mangled (I sincerely hope it wasn't from one of my dogs although they had no idea he was there on the lawn until I started paying attention to it). I think he can't fly--his tail is like gone. So sad.

I met with a dog trainer on Friday and was stupendiously amazed at what he did with Bogey in just a few moves. I signed him on and our first lesson is this Friday and I can't wait. Even with the short "lesson" Bogey is 100% sitting for his dinner and will allow Louie cat to weave within his legs. I am stupefied. I think this dog will be amazing in a week or so!!!!

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