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Good morning girls,

Never take a nap the same day you have to push the clocks ahead for daylight savings time - it really screws up your sleep as you are waking up an hour later than "usual" anyway.

It's finally above freezing - things are starting to melt a bit. And we are in no big heatwave so it's just what I'm hoping - a bit of melting each day - slow enough to avoid flooding. The street curbs are a mess of ice, cold water and slush as there is no clear path for it to drain off. Walking is a bit tricky.

I do agree with you ladies about the down side of MyFitnessPal. I should be a skinny minny according to what it's telling me and the flab is still hanging on for dear life. I think it is off a bit on food calories (under) and over estimates calories burned for physical activity. I've also leaned myself that the only way I can lose weight at the rate of a pound or two a week is to eat less than 1,000 calories a day which comes down to coffee for breakfast and one meal a day and maybe a banana. I know this is not a healthy way of eating so I'm not advocating it. Right now with my hip and knee it limits extensive cardio which doesn't help either. WHICH IS WHY I'D LIKE TO BE DONE WITH THIS ALREADY In any event it's good to record the food - if I wanted to, I could do my own entries with more accurate calories (but do I want do???). As for the exercise, we talked about the frustration that they only give calories expended for cardio activities. I was doing some reading and several articles cited the difficulty of figuring out calories expended for any activity. There are so many factors - person's height and weight and build and amount of effort expended, etc. They say even the built in monitors on the treadmills and heart monitors aren't very accurate. I guess it's just best to shoot for a goal of 30 minutes or more of certain activities and try not to eat you exercise calories.

Susie - the name of the book is The 90 Day Fitness Walking Program

You can get it from Amazon or one of the many resellers for basically 4 bucks (price of .01 plus 3.99 standard shipping. It's for absolute beginners - the first day you walk just 5 minutes and works it way up slow. What it is trying to do is to get one in the habit of walking. It's a bit slower than the couch to 5k running programs, but something you could easily fit into even your busy day. It also gives a new idea each day to get you into a healthy mindset. Right now with our current conditions, it's a challenge to walk for an extended time so this works perfectly for me, even if I just walk in circles up 3 levels of the house

Ceejay - one of the nice things in the south was that the churches were community based and would often open their doors to walkers as well as offering some health and wellness classes. There was a huge Baptist church a few miles from my house and they opened up their church for walkers several hours a day which I thought was great. Oh crumbs - a 5 day work week for you means extra time and effort - I'm not sure how you get through such a long stint without falling over and passing out! I hope that the trainee is at least out of your hair for most of the time. Funny that they told you not to let him fill in the paperwork.

Susie - I don't know if there is anything stronger than Cipro - a stronger dose will no doubt give you tummy issues. There was some antibiotic they gave me when I was in Memphis - I think it started with an A. I refused to take it when I read the paperwork that came with it. While it was really top of the line for respiratory infections, one of the side effects of it was that it had a tendency to spontaneous rupture your Achilles tendon in your feet. AND this could happen 6 months after you STOPPED taking this medicine. The doctor poo poo'd my concerns - said it mostly affected runners and since I wasn't a runner I SHOULD be ok. Some of those stubborn flu's seem to warrant a second round of antibiotics to knock them out. Just make sure you are getting as much extra rest as possible. It's nice that they are getting some of the others to help out - I'm sure you are not one to call in sick lightly and these flues have been so nasty that it's more than just going in feeling a bit sniffly. Hope you get better quickly! Glad at least you dropped a bit of weight too. Unwelcome bonus, huh? I would love and appreciate anything you could offer about the composite decking. The company is recommending Trex brand and he hasn't gotten the best of reviews online about it. It's quite heavy and we have a raised deck around the house which is a concern. It's also quite expensive so he's wondering if we should instead consider the redwood option. I said I thought part of the composite benefits would be not having to stain and treat the wood and unlike wood - no warping. But any advice you can give me would be most welcome

Terra - I too noticed mall walking goes faster than just walking outside. I need something to distract me like looking in store windows or plopping on the Ipod with some good music. Good for you for getting in a long walk! Has your brother moved back in yet?

Annie - hope you are feeling better. Should be a good week with Ace greeting the world. I agree with Susie that having you there with Jacob will help to give him some attention too and transition to his big brother role. Keep us posted please.

Shad - I see they talk about Prosecco on the cooking shows. Is it like bubbly champagne just wine based? I'm not into bubbly - not even effervesant ? water so I probably would not care for that. What sort of bread did you get? I am still thinking of that lovely open air market you posted pictures of. I'd go crazy in a place like that - we'd have a farmers market in downtown Chicago in the summers and I'd always buy a ton of fresh stuff and then try and lug a watermelon and 2 bags chock full of veggies back to the office and then to the train station and home Totally worth every cuss word, every step of the way as the bags got heavier and heavier! Did you have a nice walk? A trip down to the sea sounds so lovely. Is it getting cooler there now as autumn approaches?

Laura - yay on the massage. Hope BF liked his too. My endochronologist was really big on the Vitamin D checking. I guess a deficiency can cause a lot of problems and it's true that we tend to spend so much time out of the sun (or behind filtered office and car windows) that we are all rather lacking. My regular doc also was pushing the pneumonia vaccine, a tetanus booster and a hepatitis vaccine. Since I don't travel, I opted out of the hepatitis one but let her talk me into the others. How nice on the jeans find at the thrift shop and hey, for a buck, how can you go wrong even if you cuff them? I have hemmed pants like you said at the seam - being short I always had to hem mine and at one time when cuffed pants were in style, the easiest way to shorten them was to hem them at the top seam. You're a good sewer, should not be a challenge for you.

Michelle - did you have a good poker night? Decide on something to make for dinners? How is Santa's paw doing? I hope his appetite is coming back and he's getting stronger.

Today I have 2 loads of laundry, will continue cleaning up some papers and I have a book to read which needs to go back to the library. I will probably stick my head out the door just to see what 40 degrees feels like if it gets that warm Have a good Sunday everyone.
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