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jeans were always tough for me, and definitely different brands sizes and fits are not the same, I found a brand, style and fit and just keep buying that kind of jean, once in awhile I'll try a different brand on in the store, but it seems like I can only wear these comfortably.

For me it's Lee, avg length, size varying depending on my weight, I buy different color jeans and khakis, for some reason even though I'm shorter the petites don't fit right, so I've just resigned myself to these are the pants I can wear.

Don't forget to try on a couple pairs even of the same brand/style/size, remember they are made by humans and sometimes there might be a mistake like a skinnier leg or waist because they weren't made quite right.

I have bought the tightish jeans at the lower size while losing to get the most use out of them as they get bigger and then YAY too big.

We had fun shopping at Kohl's the other day, with the extra 25% of clearance and coupons we supposedly saved over $300 dollars...gotta love Kohl's, definitely never buy anything there regular price

best of luck
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