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Originally Posted by Waterbunny77 View Post
So I wear a size 18 blue jeans and have 3 pair. Only one pair is decent imo so I decided to go out and buy another pair. I've lost 10 lbs. but trying to find an 18 at Kohl's was ridiculous. When I did find 2 pairs I could not fit either pair. This just showed me just how big I am and how much I have to lose.

Now my oldest pair of jeans came from Ashley Stewart but I refuse to buy anymore jeans there because they bleed blue even to this day. My other pair are Lee's which came from Kohl's last year and they fit very well. It's like they've shrunken the size 18 and those were Lee's that I tried on. Anyway, I just needed to vent and I will keep wearing what I have until I can fit some new ones
I loathe jean shopping Initially I started with the Levi Just My Size because they have a higher waist. Got a pair in a light blue and they fit perfect. Bought two more Med Blue and one Dark Blue and NEITHER fit! Same size, same cut, but both are over an inch smaller in the waist! What gives??

I recently switched to L.E.I. Yep they are in the Jr Section but I like the fit. I got the Sophia Flare. Seems like it only comes in the one shade for that style so that's all I've gotten so far.

I'm anxious and fearful of getting anymore jeans. My weight loss has been a bit sluggish but I'm thinking I'm due for a new pair. I'm terrible...I hate to have too many pairs in the same size because I want to go down a size and hate to waste the money...meanwhile I'm wearing the same jeans over and over LOL!!!!

Goal as of 03/09/15: Get under 200lbs

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