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Default Time Change Weekend - March 8 & 9

Woke at three this morning for some reason - perhaps because my clock stopped ticking. Maybe it was getting ready for the time change at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. Anyhow, I never got back to sleep but am up, dressed in my jammies and ready to tackle the day.

First of all, thanks to you all for your support this horrible week. My darling Disney will never be forgotten by a lot of people. Jazz was feeling a bit bereft yesterday and kept looking for his big sister but Heather came over after work with a bottle of wine, some snacks and a dog for Jazz to play with. I was tempted to let him sleep with me last night but common sense prevailed.

Today I am going to tackle my fridge first. I have a lot of antique veggies in there that need to go into stock or be frozen to go into the compost which is over the mountains of snow beside the barn. I am having my "family" dinner this Friday, rather than Sunday which kind of throws me. I'm doing turkey and need to figure out how long it'll take the darn thing to thaw. I would have bought a pre-stuffed one for convenience but this 20 pounder was a freebie with coupons after Christmas. The other three women are doing veggies and dessert so it'll be an easy meal.

The dishwasher just stopped running so it's time to crank up the washer and dryer - cheaper electricity on weekends! I also have a Quilting Biddy's husband coming at 7:30 to drop off two quilts for binding so had better get out of the PJ's and look more respectable.

Enjoy the day (maybe a bit of melt?) and remember to change your clocks before you zzzz tonight.

Pop in and share a coffee before you start your weekend.
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