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Diana, I am so very sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer is just a ***** in my books. Not only did I lose my Mother (as a matter of fact, yesterday was the 21st anniversary of her death) to kidney cancer, we recently lost my beloved Mother-in-law to gallbladder and liver cancer- this woman never smoked, drank, lived a clean and healthy life style, and she died a horrendous death like my Mom. To make matters worse, my youngest daughter watcher her grandmother die of this horrible disease while having cancer herself- she almost wanted to give up on life herself, after seeing what happened to her grandmother. She was so scared, saying "I don't want to live through that and suffer!". What do you say to someone who has it? I just feel so bad for your friend right now- what a brutal sentence he's going through- to go through all of that, and then be told there's nothing more they can do!

I told my daughter, I lost her twin at birth, I refuse to lose her too. I think the most painful conversation in my entire life was when two weeks ago, when her doctor said she will get cancer again, and perhaps it may be starting up again (they are questioning a lymph node and there might be another tumor starting to grow- they're hoping the radiation treatment she's receiving in July wipes both problems out), is that should the time come when she has no choice but to leave us, we will be there right to the end with her. Even her siblings, bless their hearts, have promised she will never be alone, in case my husband and I are no longer around. My heart was just so heavy, I felt like throwing up, but I told her we were NOT going to live for cancer, and she is going to college next fall to be a dental assistant and is to live life to the fullest, while we are diligent about her labs and scans. She just returned from a lovely cruise that she got to visit three different countries two weeks ago- I told her the other night, it's a good thing she didn't give up back then, because look what she would have missed? She smiled and said, "you're right, Mom!"

Has your friend looked into an alkaline diet? I've heard from some folks that cancer cells supposedly can't live in an alkaline environment. I've read stories about how some folks were told there was nothing more they could do for them, then they tried that diet, and some of them actually had success with the cancer cells dying off. It might be worth a shot, right? I don't think it could hurt to check it out.

He will be in my thoughts and prayers, as well as you. So sorry you have to watch a dear friend go through this. Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

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