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Trish that is what I try to do also is 3 meals and a snack but most days (at least here lately) either I don't eat enough or I
eat too much, smh. I read something on one of the threads that said when we eat too much protein and not enough fat ( I think that's what it said) that it elevates the glucose levels. I think there is a lot to be learned about too much protein. I declare there is no balance it seems I think I read the fiber counting thread you are talking about. You have to be careful also with that because it can have the wrong effect on you also. Like I said can't win sometimes it seems especially with everyone being different. Trish good job on the fbs this morning

Hi Donna your numbers are great If you don't mind would you post a few of your meals so I can see if I can get those good numbers How's your fasting bs? Nice avatar

Carol Sue LOL on the other effects of the beans. It seems that every thing I eat in the last few months has been doing that to me Carol Sue I hope you threw the bread out

I was talking to my husband about my weight and asked him what he thought I'd look like at 130. He said I'd look sickly and he thinks 150 is as low as I need to go. 150 isn't a healthy weight though so we shall see. I stayed the same on the scale and fbs was 120. I ate really off point today. I did do a video off cable and broke a little sweat so maybe that will help some

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