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Saef, I hope you can get some relief soon! I've never had shingles and I barely remember chicken pox (had it when I was 5) but after A&C were born I got post-partum PUPPS. It was a huge rash and it itched and hurt so badly that I basically put ice packs on my skin to numb it.

DH reports that the girls had fun at the library! I'm looking forward to hearing more details when I get home tonight. Side note that is kind of funny and unfortunate at the same time -- the girls have suddenly become very interested in the moles on my chest and neck. Interested in attempting to pluck them off my skin, anyway. Whenever I pick one of them up out comes a tiny finger to go scratch scratch scratch at my moles! Last night C scratched me until it bled. I've starting grabbing their hand and saying, "Don't do that, that hurts mommy" when they start but as soon as I let go they are right back scratching again. Since they are too young to understand "no" I'm not really sure that there's anything to do other than consider putting bandaids over all my moles! Anyway I just thought it was kind of funny and you would get a laugh at the mental image of babies trying to scratch off mommy's moles.
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