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Trisha- thank you for the kind words- I am happy that I was able to help! Welcome aboard to our little corner of the world- it's a wonderful place to be. It looks like you are off to a great start- great job!

So sorry I didn't get to post yesterday ladies, my computer is acting funky. Some days it works good, others not so. One of my friends is suppose to come over in a week or two to fix it- I can't wait!

Anyhow, here is yesterday's menu:

Breakfast- 1 100 calorie pack of smoked almonds- 2 grams
1 snack sized Snickers- .5

total for breakfast 2.5

Lunch- Tuna fish on high fiber bread- 6
iceburg lettuce- .5
okra chips- 6
Kashi Black Bean BBQ Chips- 8

total for lunch: 20.5

6 pieces of Chinese Chicken leftover from day before- 0

high fiber pasta salad made with a boiled egg, garden sweet pickles, Hellman's light mayonaise, black pepper- 10 grams
1 hot dog roll- 1
1 beef hot dog with lots of German hot mustard
1 snack sized Snickers bar- .5

total for dinner- 11.5

total for the day- 34.5

Yesterday was like a grazing day for me- I ate a little here or there, until after I did my 1 hour on the recumbent bike. I guess that's why I was a bit low yesterday- it was a real lazy day, too, for me. It was snowing, I was still tired from the hard workout I did the day before, even took a 3 hour nap.

I did lose that pound that I gained the day before yesterday as well as another 4 ounces. Today, my weight was the same as yesterday- 296.6.

Have a Happy High Fiber Day, everyone!

The Wendie Plan in Calories:

starting over 3/19/16
first ten pounds lost achieved: April 3, 2016
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