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I haven't been coming on here as much as I should, but I've been doing well.
I made it to day 7 when I decided to start back from Day 1 due to mindless after-dinner snacking. I wasn't binging, or if I did, I would stop myself before anything got too crazy. It was just getting messy, and i felt like I was letting too much slide and letting myself off easy.
The past couple of days have been really good though. I've lost about 5lbs of water weight since the weekend too, and am now back to my normal weight when I'm not binging.

mainecyn- I know how scary stepping on the scale after you know you've gained can be, but I suggest you go for it. Of course everyone is different, but I've learned with myself that if I'm not weighing myself regularly, I will eat too much and not care if I gain because there's no way to really tell. When I'm on a binging streak or a mindless snacking phase, I often won't be weighing myself because I don't want to see the damage done. But if I'm weighing myself, I often make better choices, like dragging my butt to the gym (I really do need to do this)

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