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Originally Posted by MyGoalWeightIs140 View Post
As I read your post about someone in your life being severely depressed, I thought about a friend from high school who has recently come back into my life. Being over 50, we've experienced a LOT since graduation, but somehow we just clicked like we were never apart. But a few weeks ago when she met me for lunch and shopping, she stayed about 10 minutes, stood up and said she wasn't feeling well, and left. haven't heard from her since. I'm wondering if it was me, or her, who's to blame . . . maybe I'm reading more into this. Being overweight it's easy to blame yourself for everything, even when it simply isn't your fault. We need to learn to not take on everyone's problems as our own.
You have just described my brother's SO. She does this kind of thing ALL. THE. TIME. Oddly enough she's also in the Deep South, but I doubt it's your friend because she didn't go to high school in the Deep South. If both of you went to school in New England, however, then ... things that make you go hummm....

Her behavior, although odd, isn't unique to her. Please don't for one minute think that it's you causing the problem. It might not be a bad idea to contact her just to check and see if she's feeling better, but if she doesn't answer and/or contact you in any way then realize that it's her issue, not yours.
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