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Hi everyone. nice day here and I have been really lazy,my house still looks spiffy from the bday party and enuff leftovers so I don't have to cook. my grdd wanted a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy,others wanted potatoe salad so I made that too,and pistachio pudding salad,relish/vegie tray,fruit tray,green salad,salmon dip and chips,deviled eggs,punch iced tea and coffee and my dd made Bavarian cream filled cream puffs with choc ganache topping,she had agreat time and her friends where amazed that this gramma had a swing in her living room and of course they all had to try it lol. steve made her a shadow box out of pine to hold her well loved baby quilt that I made for her 16 yrs ago. hard to believe she 16, my other grand kids are 21,17, and 14. next big project is the craft room. steve cleared out his bedrm, and painted the walls and floor to move all his stuff out of the tobe craft room. then we can gut it and start the building of L shaped tables with shelves,putting in 3 lg florescent lites and paint of course. can you tell im xcited my eating in spite of the party has been on track,they don't tell you that even tho ive had bypass surg im still hungry a lot and tho I cant eat a lot at one time I can graze so have to be careful. since my gain from thanksgiving of 7# ive lost that and 2 more for total of 9# id really like to get under 200 so that's my new goal. by the way I love to shop for new clothes cuz I can now buy things that fit in stores a novelty for me. befor I had a hard time finding things to fit so made my own clothes. I still love to sew too but more fun to shop .. hoping your day was a good one.. sry I was rambling rosey


no sugar added fruit smoothie with protein powder and almond milk

green salad with cukes,tomatoe,blc olives, avocado and turkey
ranch dressing

coffee mocha iced
ww pretzel twists

I am enough!

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