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Hi everyone!! I am back from vacation and back here to continue my weight loss journey.. I did add up a couple of pounds over the last 2 months as I was not following a plan.. Time to gear up again and need all the motivation I can get..

So my goal is to lose 10 lbs this month.. Though I will be happy if I lose 8 lbs and move out of the 180s permanently.. I have been in there for a long time now (say close to 4 months... n I am not proud about it) N moving to anything less than 180 will make me no longer obese according to the BMI and will be overweight.

SW: 184 (keeps fluctuating... not sure why though.. may be water weight)
GW: 174 ( but will consider success if I reach 176 )

My next goal will be to make healthy choices through this month and have little room for exceptions..

Lets begin the march..

(Update to the tracker is done only when I see a change that is permanent.. I wait for atleast two consecutive values before I change)

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