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Morning all,
Thanks for setting up the thread Susie. nice one. Good to have someone else's brain working on the title once in a while. Usually Annie or Michelle come up with a few cracker ideas for the title.
Great weight loss. You should feel very proud of yourself. Now you just have to figure out what you ate during the flu and keep at it. At a guess I would say more fluids than foods.

Happy - love the way that everyone comes into your store at the end of the day.
It's good that yoga is helping you a bit. I loved the Body balance I used to do because it gave me back a lot of flexibility and I really need to get back to it, but I'm really not into the gym any more and haven't been able to find a dvd of it.
Do I walk as fast as 10 years ago. Probably not, but in the race to safety from a crocodile, I reckon I could give you a good go for your money. It isn't 10 years since we walked up the hill at Pennyfeather anyway. But again we will see next time I get over there.

Ceejay - unfortunately Mother Nature will decide on the warmer weather - not you. So you'll just have to suck it up.

Terra - sometimes you just have to push it when everything about you conspires to stop you from doing good. Michelle has had to push it this week, I've had to fit stuff in, generally in the dark these days so you just have to suck it up and do it too. Sometimes that's when you see the best results.

Went to Government house yesterday to have a look around. It was very nice. I forgot my camera so had to use the fairly useless one on my phone. I'll attach one or two at the end of this. Should have taken a picture of the hottie in full dress uniform on the door. Damn, Annie will be after me for that missed opportunity.
The house is not huge as big houses go. It is however bigger than Gracelands and interestingly finished - no souvenir shop there Happy. It's recently had massive renovations done to strengthen and update. Each room has a theme. For example, Lady Janine, wife of the GG has her office done with a fantail motif (native bird, tail that spreads out and sticks up like a fan). It's all soft greens, native forest pictures and paintings and the crown mouldings have the fantail in various poses. The main sitting room is done with the Tui bird in mind. I'll see if I can find a picture shortly.
There was a collection of all the armorial (sort of like coat of arms) of previous GG's and governors along with their signatures - some of which are very rare. All in all I enjoyed it. Not sure my sister was totally delighted with all the walking (uphill much of it) and other exercise, but she seemed to enjoy herself most of the time.
Today, I have been down to the bread shop, supermarket and fresh food markets and picked up the week, or really two week supplies. I have cooked up some extremely tart cooking apples, that will be my breakfasts and snacks for a couple of weeks - maybe even a dessert or two. Carted that lot home and now am resting for a couple of minutes with a coffee and computer.

There is a light show on at the Bot Gardens tonight and during the next couple of weeks, powered by the company I work for. It's part of the Wellington Festival which started during the week. I might go and have a shufti up there. Another walk coming up.

I was going to work this afternoon, but decided it wasn't worth it. I may work next weekend instead and just go in early during the week.

Anyway here are a couple of pictures from the GG house. I'd better go do some more around the house. They are:
The thrones in the Ballroom, one of the many crystal chandeliers around the place, a beautiful vase - I think Lalique, the main sitting room with the Tui theme, and one of the Pou at the main entrance. The Pou is a carving (maori style) and this particular one had some of the carving done by the GG of the time, Sir Paul Reeves. Obviously a fairly talented man.
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