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Good afternoon everyone. I had a hair appt early this morning then errands to run so haven't had a spare minute to come in here and post.

Somewhere today I ripped the seat out of my blue jeans!! I had one of my new tops on, which is a baby doll style and really long so my bum was covered, but I had no clue they had ripped clear down one side of the pocket and shredded so they can't be repaired so had to trash them. I got them on sale several years ago as they were petites. They have always been short in the stride but perfect length because I have a long stride and short legs. I looked to see how much to get new ones and they are $54 apiece! So for now, no new blue jeans. Hopefully the other two pair won't follow suit. I was walking around in Walmart like that so I hope I don't show up on that Walmart people site, . No, truly my behind was covered by the top the whole time or I think I would have noticed the breeziness.

We did a different color with my hair. She said she didn't like how the blond pieces turned brassy, neither did I, so we did all red this time, but two different colors of red one two shades lighter. Looks really pretty and the cut is cute too.

Breast is coming along, but the gause keeps sticking when it drains and dries so I am going to use this stuff I got from the hospital when I had my abdomen surgeries that is wound cleaner that just sprays on and going to get some Bactine for protection as I found out the antibiotic stuff has petroleum jelly in it even the creams, which will prevent the breast from draining and I don't want that. Good ole Bactine will do the trick as it does for scraped knees and such and this is about to the same stage. I go back to see her on Thursday of next week so hopefully she thinks it looks good.
I am sick of wearing a bra 24/7 though.

Oh my gosh, Jack bought a new flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream called Scotchy Scotch Scotch. Wow is it good! It is butterscotch ice cream with butterscotch swirls. I took one taste and that was it. The stuff is delicious, but super duper sweet. Jack who is a sweet nut even ate only about 5 small spoonfuls because it is so sweet, but it sure is butterscotchy. I told jack they should put in chocolate swirls or choc chips and they would have a Butterfinger.

Jean: When are you guys heading home? I know Jay and Alicia are supposed to get a major storm again and my sister called me on Friday and said the wind and snow was blowing so bad it was -18 and they had closed the bypass because it was to slippery to drive on and total white out. Guess they are sorry they left Mexico. Jack is in the recliner snoozing away for awhile and I am trying to get things caught up here this afternoon. I am doing a load of laundry and did up the dishes. The restaurant sounds neat. They have one similar in Branson, but we have never tried it.

Maggie: I have never been to Disneyworld only Disneyland and that was decades ago when Jay was little. I really liked it. I heard the parks are so big now that walking is a killer and you have to break it up into multiple days.

Well girls, gonna check my laundry. Have a great weekend. Tomorrow is commissary day for us. Faye

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