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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! We are still very cold and will be like this until the third week of March I think. Getting so sick of hearing of huge car pile-ups on the roads. Yesterday there were 100 vehicles involved when a white-out happened!

Linda, I hope you get stocked up and ready before Snow Dump #??? hits. I am amazed at Cyndy's daffies. Mine may not show until July as I have a mountain of snow on the bed in front of the house.

Tammy, poor dog! I hope he is a large one - a Lab? I find they will eat anything. Sure hope you can save him. I have refused to grow castor plants for that reason.

My dear Disney is not well. I'm very sad to see her winding down. Since she's a Katrina rescue, I really have no idea of her age. She now spends most of her time sleeping but does still go out for potty, eat and drink plus bark when there's a knock at the door. Lots of life in the old girl yet - that also applies to me as I'm feeling elderly lately.

Donna bailed yesterday because of the blizzard but will come today - at least that's the plan. I really should take off for town and get that wine but hesitate to leave her in charge of my Disney. I'll see how D. is when Donna arrives. I also have to make a decision about the Book Reading tonight - the Pampered Chef thing was cancelled. I'm not sure I want to be away from Disney tonight.

On with the day - whatever it brings besides snow and cold! I'm feeling disgruntled and need to get my gruntles back.
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