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Hi Sparklez! You've got a lot going on there! Just wanted to tell you you are not alone and too offer some suggestions that have helped me.

I also have keratoconus and anxiety and had chronic widespread pain. Not much to do about the eye thing - although my doc did suggest vitamin C supplement, which I have been taking and my eyes have been stable for the past 18 months or so.
As for anxiety, I find that exercise helps A LOT. I really make an effort to at least get on my recumbent bike every day, even if it is just 10 minutes of easy pedaling. I usually do more, but some days, you know, 10 minutes is almost more than I can manage. The other thing is that I have found I cannot tolerate any artificial sweeteners - they are a panic attack trigger for me.
Regarding the widespread pain - I suffered for years. I had back pain, chest pain, and my elbow joints were sore. I went for massages, had steroid injections, tried muscle relaxers and pain medicines. You know what helped? I stopped eating most grains, wheat in particular. Over the past year, my anxiety has lessened, and my pain is gone. No more elbow joint pain, no chest pains, no back pains! If I eat wheat containing products more than once a week or so, the pain comes back - in my elbows first. I know it sounds weird, but I've tested it several times, and there really seems to be a link there for me at least.
I didn't replace wheat/grains with special gluten free substitutes though, because those usually have a lot of added sugars and unhealthy fats. I just eliminated things like sandwiches and wheat pasta, etc., from my regular diet.
My weightloss is very slow. I get frustrated when it takes so long for the scale to move down, and don't even talk to me about when it goes up for no good reason! I just try to remind myself every time that I am healthier than I was and if I keep making good choices, I will continue to make progress, slow as it may be.
Hang in there, and good luck to you
I hope something that helped me might help you.

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