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Originally Posted by Busymomx4 View Post
Seems we're quite a few dealing with the big C. I actually went for colon hydrotherapy on saturday, as I was at a lost as to what else i could do. She could feel that i was blocked up to my ribs. She did the best she could but was not able to empty me..she said it will take at least 3 times cause i have such hard, dry stool that its just no loosening up. She was able to get a bit but not even enough to make a difference in my weigh lol.

I'm still taking the lactulose (this is what the hospital gave me last time i went in for that and it worked after 3 doses)..i've been taking it for a week now so that's 14 doses (its to soften the stools, not a stimulant). I worry about taking exlax now cause if i have a blockage somewhere, taking a stimulant might make things worse... I'm open to ideas (i drink 3+ liter of water a day, lots of lettuce and 4-5cups veggies a day (so i get lots of fiber from that), i've increased my fats a little but still low carb.

I'm not sure at which point i need to go back to the hospital or try the colon hydrotherapy again (not very pleasant).
hi-u might have already tried it but i have senna herbal tea and its great stuff if ur having trouble goin to the toilet and in my experience cantaloupe melon is good and iv found its the the lowest sugar/carb/cal melon that i have found...or my mum made her own candied orange peel last week by just boiling them and then coating them in a water and sweetener "syrup" orange peel is full of fibre and according to the web is about 100 cals and 25g carbs per 100g but is nice for a treat and tastes yummy and good for u :-) only problem is that they were so yummy i ate the whole lot over 2days-oops!iv asked her not to make them for a while..!:-)
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