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Can't believe it is Sunday night already. I just spent sometime adding some new music to my ipod so I have a few new songs when I'm on the elliptical, treadmill or bike.

I'm happy to say I posted on MFP yesterday (didn't want to get in trouble with Happy! ) and I will post today's there as well.

We got a nice return when we filed our taxes--I am now thinking about how I really want to redo the spare bedroom and get a treadmill and bike in there; but in a day bed and get the tv on the wall and of course new paint.

We will spend some of the return and save some.

Happy: Did you end up helping DH or stay in and take care of the hot spots?
I hope you are feeling better. My ear has bothered me for almost a week now. It might be time to see my ENT and see if I have an infection.

Shad: What amazing pictures you are taking! I love seeing them. Thanks for sharing.

Laura: Safe travels and tell us all about your conference and trip.

Annie: Hang in there lady! I know it is a very tough time when employment is up in the air. Believe in are a professional and they know it!

Terra: It sounds like you have a nice busy week planned and how smart of you for planning the walks too!

Ceejay--That is a GREAT loss! Congratulations! I didn't start the push up challenge yet...but I AM going to do it tomorrow.


Ok..Going to relax and get to bed by 10:30. I have one more load of laundry to get out of the dryer.

See you all tomorrow.
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