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Hello all,

i don't know what's going on with my weight, but I like it! it has been dropping more again.

Lilith - exercise is really confusing sometimes. My weight leveled last month a bit and I think it was muscle stuff. Looking at photos, I was definitely redistributing volume and building muscle in some areas. Now I am losing weight again, and also a bit unclear on how many calories to eat so I am sticking around 1200. Have faith that keeping on exercising will lead to a drop!

Lotsakids, skinny comments are so awesome and reassuring. They pave the way to keep on going - even if I am still overweight!

Jennybutler maintaining when away from routine is my hope too - I have a friend visiting from the UK for a week soon, and I am really hoping to 'behave' with calories.

TooWicky keep at it! I love the photo story. And isn't it wonderful comparing notes with people ? Not sure I would have the energy to walk round a mall for hours - give me a treadmill for 20 minutes instead

So, I finally cleared the wardrobe. My cats now have loads of new blankies from old jumpers, and the local Red Cross will get two huge sacks donated. All I can give to friends, I will. So many people have told me to get rid of the old stuff or I'll be tempted to grow back into it, that I think I better take their advice. I have kept a couple of things for sentimental reasons,and my worst clothes so I can do the 'OMG I used to wear that sack' routine. But yes, it feels weird to cut this umbilical cord to all my saggy baggy stuff.

Have a good week all.

'Nothing ever tastes as good as being thin feels'

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