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Yeah, i totally agree with DBT. I think it would benefit anyone, not just people with borderline. Its based on the concept of mindfulness and i know quite a bit about that. I also work with a psychologist who does DBT and she is a wonderful person and therapist. I have had a few chats with her when i couldn't shake the desire for suicide, - i.e. when i was still depressed. It was so refreshing to be able to have an open accepting conversation about that where it wasn't oh no you mustn't and so on. I just loved it. So i hope you can find someone as wonderful as she when you go looking for a DBT therapist.

Since people with borderline and severe depression can display psychotic thinking, i think when that happens, antipsychotic meds are tried.

But back to the weight issue.

I think Amy, you've hit the nail on the head. Its probably the wine. And wine is not really good for anyone with mental health issues and despite its health benefits, these days they say, as little as a glass of wine a day in women has a significant impact on the risk of getting breast cancer. On the other hand, as little as an hours walk each week can positively impact the risk of breast cancer. I don't know if that means they cancel each other out but i think its still worth thinking about all that.

You know i see a lot of people obsess about how this or that quite ordinary healthy food will make them sick and die young and then they go ahead and smoke cigarettes. I have a friend who has an organic cafe and now all her cakes are filled with artificial sweeteners, non gluten flour and so on and they don't taste good any more either, and yet she smokes!

So its great you are willing to cut down/out the wine. I think you will see a great difference in your weight. I still drink a cupful on many a day (in a wine glass) but i am rarely tempted to drink more.

I recently realised that there is actually a direct relationships between weight and measurements. Think of a balloon full of water. It will weigh more if there is more water in it. and you can visibly see its size change in direct proportion to the quantity of water. The only thing that doesn't weigh which has volume is air. So i no longer consider one to be more accurate than the other.
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