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Thank u for all the replies and advice! He actually was prescribing it for BORDERLINE!! (yeh. he's not my psych anymore) He would actually ASK me what I wanted to try sometimes!! I was blown away by that. I am currently not on any medications because nothing has been proven to be effective for borderline, and it seems that when I treat the symptoms of my other issues with antidepressants and other prescriptions I end up with "side effects and medically induced symptoms" that make my condition worse instead of better. I haven't been on risperidone in over a year now, and have been completely med free for about 5-6 months. I am trying a natural approach with vitamins and supplements right now.

The blood work he ordered was focused more on my thyroid. He didn't test me for insulin resistance, although both of my parents are type 2 diabetics. Thank you electra- I didn't know that the med was known to cause bs issues and interfere with the processing of carbs! Guess it's time to get tested.

I don't eat processed foods or many carbs (I try keeping it below 40 every day) and I monitor what I eat very closely. I eat lean meats, seafood, and other proteins, lots of low GI veggies, and whole grains, seeds and nuts. I haven't tried a food diary, however. One of my biggest downfalls (and probably my only cheat) is wine. I love red wine. They never should have told me about the health benefits of it! lol. BUT, I am starting my new "diet and health plan" Monday (once I have everything I need to get started), and wine is off the list. I have often wondered if that had a play in my balloon belly.

I weigh myself daily in the mornings, and measure my waist daily as well. I have finally started to drop a few lbs just this past week... but I'm not getting excited just yet, as I drop a few lbs water weight and then put it back on pretty frequently.

And BTW Pattience.. I'm not sure why you can't send me a pm. like u said, maybe it is because i am new? hmmm.
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