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Silverfire Have you thought about counting carbs but subtracting the amount of fiber from your total? I know a lot of people on really low carb diets do this to get what is called the "Net carb" or Total CARBS MINUS FIBER. The reason being is that fiber is non-digestiable by the intestines and therefore doesn't raise your glycemic index like carbohydrates do. So I looked at what I ate yesterday and I had 157 total Carbs and 47 grams of fiber so really only 110 net carbs. I don't actively do this calculation but it is something to keep in mind when choosing your foods. I really like the principles behind the south beach diet because with that you don't have to count your carbs, but a lot of the things that you eat are nutrient rich and high fiber so there more less net carbs. But like I said, I don't actively follow that either. =D

EDIT: Oh I just saw your post from yesterday about the Jefit app! I downloaded it and looked through it and I am going to try it out next week. Thanks!
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