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Good Morning girls I felt like a group hug after looking at the beautiful trees we have this morning. Everything is closed because of the deep snow, the YMCA is open to anyone who can walk over, no cars allowed in parking lot. Bruce will get his exercise shoveling snow and I will be painting the balance of the basement floor.
I have time for a couple comments, then off to work.

Glynne...I always wondered how to print photo's on material, where do you buy that kind of fabric? Doesn't it get stuck in the printer? I just started making quilts a year or so ago and love it. I'm using the "buddy" quilter where you put the back on the same time you make the square, so easy.

Cajun...glad your mom's stint's worked and don't tell me about 70 degree weather and running the air conditioner. Geeeeeeeeezzzz, it's winter!

Donna(change4life)...I've eaten lots of the cauliflower mock spuds, my hubby even likes them. But steaming them is the only way to go if using frozen cauliflower or they are runny. If using fresh, steaming or cooking in a little chicken broth is good too. must show us a picture of your new rescue kitty.'s been a long time of prayer in my case for DH. (Because their will is involved, it can sometimes take a very long time, but there is power in prayer.)

Tam...per meal?(one carb, one protein, one fat)

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