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Good morning friends. Packing. Last night at the camp!!!!!!! We are only staying tonight because dh is going hunting at another location Sunday. So it's back home for me tomorrow afternoon. Next weekend we are going to my first cousins house for the weekend. Then the next weekend we will go back to the camp and close it up for the summer. Yay.
We will have about a month and a half at home before the fishing starts and we go to the summer camp. I am looking forward to that.
Dh and I have only 1 bed in our house right now. Both sons took their bedroom sets when they moved into their own houses this summer. We are going to attempt to build a bed. I wanted it made out of pecked cypress but dh said that going to be too hard to dust and he's right. So we may use planed cypress or pecan. Pecan wood is beautiful. We really need another bed in our house for our cousin and her husband when they come visit. It's the same cousin that we are going to next weekend. We are looking at patterns online. If it comes out nice we may make a headboard and footboard for our king size bed. We have a large 4 poster bed but I love homemade cypress furniture. I guess it's called rustic furniture.

K3 still praying for you. Hoping we hear from you soon.

Tndonna how awesome for you!!! Congrats. I know how you feel. I've not moved sizes in 2 years because I have not been a good girl dieting. I'm trying so hard right now to stay on tract. Hopefully I'm successful. Thanks for the cauliflower recipe. I'm going to try next week when I get a cauliflower this weekend.

Robin you are so right. Why didn't I lose this weight when I was younger I keep asking myself.

Gayle yes it's true we never stop. Rarely do we sit in the house on weekends and rest. If we do it's because it's storming outside or we are sick. I guess we should be thankful that we can still be active. I HATE sitting in the house watching tv or doing nothing.

Mary I'm trying to stick to plan too. We can do this. K3 would be happy she wouldn't have to yell at us beings she's not feeling too good. Lol.

Lucinda I was thinking the same thing about our sons. Once they marry they will go back and see the importance for their children.

Well I gotta get moving. Coffee break is over. Hi to all I missed.

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