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Hello Golden Ones! It's a dark cloudy dripping kind of day up here in the NW. I went to Kohls for some things I needed. While I was there I picked up some picture frames for some recent pics of the local gc. Put them in the frames in the living room and they look so nice. I wish I could have some updated pics of some of the other gc.

I'm happy that my bs are getting better. Today I cut back on my portions (not big) even more at lunch. I normally don't eat high cal at meals esp breakfast and lunch, but with eating the leftovers it's crept up there. Now that the leftover potatoes are gone perhaps it will be easier to keep both calories and carbs down. Also usually I rarely eat potatoes even though they are one of my favorite foods but since the birthday dinner, we've been trying to eat them up. And last night we had beans too, so that's really too much for me, don't know why I didn't think before I fixed that dish! Duh!

Poor dh, he was working on our old car (1995 Ford Escort) and he broke a bolt. He has gone out to try and find another one. If he can't find it I guess the car is done for. And he says it's a bit tricky (and time consuming) to replace too. He didn't sleep well last night and is awfully tired today, so I'm praying for him to find it, but hoping he will wait til tomorrow to actually do the work. Love that man so much!

Lucinda - Glad to hear your thoughts on attending synagogue. Worshippng with other believers is very special.

Change - Thanks for the instruction on mashed cauliflower. I'm like Cajun, when i want to try it i never have cauliflower, but i do plan to make it soon.

Cajun - Yep, it's easier when you have people to be accountable to. I'm going to start with cutting back on my snacking. Can't promise I won't have more than one yet but will try to stick to one.

Bobbi and others concerned about husbands and chlldren not attending church/synagogue - never stop praying for them. Because their will is involved, it can sometimes take a very long time, but there is power in prayer.

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