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Originally Posted by ICUwishing View Post
Silverbirch, did she check your teeth, too? That is quite an accomplishment to lose so much, quickly and with great determination. You and Allison are our "springing loose all-stars"!
No need for her to check my teeth as her husband does that. He's my dentist! She worked there too at one point and so does know more about the inside of my mouth than most people do.

Thanks! I am finding it all quite amazing, actually. I can see three things which are contributing.

a) My perennial problems with my SI joint and just about everything even vaguely related to it seem to be practically under control.

b) My work has changed in nature somehow and I have more brain space to work out plans of attack.

c) The SO and I have somehow managed to change things round so I'm not doing so much of things which drive me up the wall.
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