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Originally Posted by veggiedawg View Post
Imperialistic--I didn't know that laser hair removal wasn't recommended for us. I knew that electrolysis wouldn't work until your hormones were under control.
Well, it isn't technically not recommended for women with PCOS but I was told that it shouldn't be used by women with abnormal hormone fluctuations or those who use birth control.. which is basically all of us. My doctor had initially told me that laser was an option for controlling hirutism. And the internet seemed to confirm that. It worked brilliantly for me until I stopped the pill- and then all of a sudden, it was back again... after 12 sessions. Very frustrating. I do have to admit though, that if you can afford to get it done at least once a month indefinitely, it's quite a good option. Just don't look to it as a permanent or even semi-permanent method of dealing with excess hair.

Originally Posted by veggiedawg View Post
BTW, I watched that video you posted. She's a brave girl dancing online, but I feel uncomfortable watching. I know that's horrible.
It's not horrible to feel uncomfortable watching her. Fact is, we're socialized to think that situations like that are uncomfortable. Fat girls dancing or acting sexy or doing anything showing a semblance of self confidence is deemed to be wrong by society because why should fat girls be happy when they're fat? Only skinny girls are allowed to be happy.
What I mean is, it's a normal response. I used to feel it too (especially when I was bigger and especially about myself)- I used to think that girls like myself shouldn't get too comfortable or cocky or act too talented. It was a big lie. I had to slowly train myself out of it. The first step is acceptance
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