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Who is here this month?
Me I've posted on and off on in the forum for the past couple of years but then ventured in here because, although I've never been officially diagnosed, it's pretty obvious to me now that I have something that looks a loooot like PCOS.

What have you been up to?
Well, I was away for two months which means I was away from my treadmill, my kitchen and my conscience so I've managed to gain 10 lbs. I've gotten about half of it down since I've been back and getting into my regular eating habits again.

How is your PCOS management going?
A few years ago, my doctor tested my hormones and pinpointed the reason why I've been overweight all my life. After a couple of months of hard work, I got down to a normal weight... yet no symptom alleviation. I'm dealing with each element as it comes along. I have a family history of diabetes so I have to be very fastidious about what I eat. I'm currently on Yasmin and I'm careful about my diet- I had my blood glucose level tested and my doctor said it was perfect so I guess I'm doing alright. My current supplements are a multivitamin, fish egg oil, B12 (due to being a vegetarian), Iron (same about vegetarian) and Magnesium (something I read about it helping IBS, PCOS, diabetes etc).

What are you working on this month?
I've been working out for 30-45 minutes every day, counting calories just to get the last 5 lbs off. I'm thinking about adding cinnamon and chromium to my diet after seeing the other thread on here. I'm a little paranoid about being prediabetic and want to do whatever I can to prevent it.

Astrophe, I'm sorry about your mother in law. It can be hard to focus on yourself when you've had a loss but please take care

Peaceandlove, I wouldn't recommend the laser treatments. I had twelve sessions done and it was improving but then, all of a sudden, it came back with a fury. Apparently fluctuations in hormones can reset your hair follicles or something similar to that so it isn't recommended for people with PCOS or PCOS-like symptoms.
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