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Default Maintainers Springing Loose those last few @*[email protected]*[email protected]*!

Welcome to our spring thread! Yes, within a few weeks it will be the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere. The snow will retreat, the winds will abate and the rain will lessen. We'll start to venture outdoors a little more.

In the southern hemisphere, the overpowering heat of summer will soon be giving way to autumn. A glorious time to be out and about.

These @*[email protected]*[email protected]* have to go and this is the place to talk about tactics and strategy. Whether you're changing your approach or sticking to the tried and trusted, tell us what and how you're doing. We'll encourage and cajole. And at any moment, a snatch of someone else's post can stick in your mind and offer you the germ of an idea. As I said, these @*[email protected]*[email protected]* simply have to go. And go they shall.
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