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[ok pdsmall. Don't be sad to be back! We all get it. I could populate a small village with the weight I lost and regained! But you are here now. Together we will cheer for eachother. Rock your world Sister!]


Originally Posted by pdsmall View Post
Last night I went up almost 2 lbs. (
If you are weighing yourself between WIs, I'd suggest stopping that and just weighing in at the clinic. Weight fluctuates day to day and can really mess with your head. You will be much happier to focus on how your size is shrinking, and that's much more reliable indicator of progress than the scale.

If you are too too hungry at night, don't eat a restricted bar. Instead consider extra protein like egg white omelette, shirataki "noodles" (tofu, really); boneless skinless chicken breast. If you absolutely feel you need a packet, try a non-restricted. The idea is to stay in ketosis, so best to minimize the extra carbs. Some people need the extra packet depending on weight & activity. Have you spoken about it with your coach?

I found that going to bed early really helped too, and it was easy because I tired more easily on IP. If you are having something caffeinated late in the day, maybe this could account for 11 pm hunger. Going to bed early meant I got up earlier, but in the morning I have a lot more will power.

The feeling of hunger is so compelling. If you are eating everything on the protocol and getting in your water, consider that the hunger might be that your body is about to burn fat. I've noticed my feelings of intense hunger tend to coincide with a sudden drop in measurements OR weight. Easier said than done to wait and see though!

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