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Default Exercise videos

Hi there,

Good for you for getting back into exercise! You will feel so much better. The Denise Austin walk tapes may benefit you. Time Life also released some videos a few years ago called "Heart Healthy", "Stress Relief" and a few others. They were good because there was an educational component done by cardiologists explaining the benefits of exercise. These tapes are great because they are done by certified fitness instructors, they take target heart rate checks and they provide good instruction. You may be able to find those on ebay. Wal Mart has a good selection of tapes. Richard Simmonds is great in the beginning too. Kathy Smith is also a good choice, she also has explicit instruction on how to do the exercises safely. If you find any of the exercises are too tough and you are going outside you target heart rate or energy level, just pace yourself, keep the movements small and stop moving the upper body. I also like the old Jane Fonda step aerobics tape, but you would need a step for that one. It is a good workout. I understand the ankle, I have one with a pin in it and I have been able to use these tapes. If you are looking for weight training, Usana has a neat program and series of tapes. You can buy them from a distributor or get them on ebay.

I am a larger person and I have found these tapes can initially be modified and in no time at all you will be more fit and able to do the tape with no problems at all. I find some of the tapes far too easy now and I look for a challenge. They do always want you to check with your dr. first before beginning and that probably is a good idea if it has been awhile. Good luck to you and good for you for taking on a healthier lifestyle!!

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