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Rennie said on 12/26/2013:


weigh in this morning 180.2

1 ~ get back to ticker weight of 177.4 by the first of the year
2 ~ get to 175 which was my Christmas challenge goal
3 ~ get as close to 170 as possible by the end of this challenge

You did it, Rennie!

Cattails, thank you

Zumba you still did well on the challenge because you are here and keeping it positive Congrats on wearing the bikini, I surely can't do that, shorts or not and I am definitely not bold enough to try even in the dark also Beachbody workout, I believe you'll be where you want to be soon my friend

Heidi I ate 247 carbs of junk yesterday, so I got yours in for you Good job on the candy

Sum you are just amazing, keep up the good work Have fun in Colorado ok went back a little congrats on the new position and wow on the single number sizes, I wonder if I'll ever get there

Carma sorry about bloat-ville

Marlene way to go on getting back to your preferred range

Chubby mum Happy Anniversary and good job on your loss for the challenge

shr1nk1ngme, way to go on leaving the 150's soon

wantochange glad the cast is off, and that is exactly why I don't like pictures, my stomach ... drives me nuts

Michelle hello

I hope I didn't forget anyone if I did I do apologize

I am having issues with this site. I don't know if I mentioned it before or not. First I had all of these nasty pop-ups now I can't edit my signature to change it to a St. Patrick's Day theme. Have any of you had any issues?

My weigh in today was 169.6 up .6 from yesterday. I have been stuck between 168-170 all month, smh.

My goal for this challenge is to be at or near 162 so 7.6 pounds to lose Best of luck to us all on our goals
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