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Good afternoon ladies!

Just a few more hours 'till the long weekend!! I just wanted to celebrate two accomplishments...unfortunately neither are weight related, but that will come in time. First, I finished the video for my friend's birthday and her husband (who is also a dear friend) LOVES it!! And...I finished my research and report for a new website hosting recommendation and gave it to my boss and another manager. My boss isn't all that interested in the technical reasons behind my recommendation, but the other manager is, and he was very impressed with all that information and feature comparison data I compiled.

Today after work, I have a meeting with a nonprofit organization that I do part time website work for. And after that D and I are either going out to dinner or he's going to fix me a yummy dinner.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. A friend of mine is coming down from San Francisco and we both are getting together for lunch with a friend of mine who is in town this weekend from Wisconsin. After that, I'm heading over to the location of the surprise 50th b'day party to set up the laptop and test it out.

Then Sunday, I'm meeting some friends at the dog park and then going to a workshop in the afternoon. And on Monday, more workshops.

Somewhere in there, I need to do some writing and other work for a website client.


Laura - I'm so glad your review went well, and you're right a gain of 0.6 lbs after a cruise is not bad at all. I love all your vacation photos and stories! It was almost like living it vicariously through you! I've never been to NOLA, but I've heard it's an amazing place to experience! I especially liked reading about Belize since my step-brother lives there now. He had told me about the barrier reef there. I'm glad you enjoyed the snorkeling. I hope to get to Belize in 2015. Roatan, Honduras looks lovely too! I love wildlife preserves. I hope the monkey only sniffed the sanitizer and didn't drink much if any. I'm so impressed that you finished your challenges while on vacay!! Wow! So nice that you give Coal a steak and peanut butter biscuits on his birthday!! Maybe next weekend I'll make some biscuits for Santa; this weekend's too darn busy. You're already off work for the long weekend, lucky lady! You and I definitely are on the same page about feeling all the love in your life on V-Day. Last year, Santa was my V-Day date, and it was lovely spending the evening with him.

Ceejay - I'm glad your time with the trainee has improved. Some people brag about themselves a lot. I'm glad he's getting less annoying. How cool about high school photos being posted on FB. My cousin has posted some of my pre-teen and teenage years.

Shad - The software I used for the video is called Wondershare. You can download it. It's $39.99 for a one year license or $49.99 for a lifetime license (I opted for the lifetime). It's really easy to use. You just add your images (and videos), choose the kind of transitions you want between photos (I chose random), add audio if you want to, and you can customize the intro screen and the "credits" screen at the end if you want one. I sent you a message via FB with a list of the various softwares I looked at. There are some that are cheaper or even free, but some don't let you burn to a DVD and I needed to that. I chose Wondershare because you could upload your own audio...not just choose from the software's audio library. Sounds like a busy and fun weekend ahead! I am so hoping to get my back better so I can do some hiking in the lovely hills around here. I'd love to see photos of the botanical gardens and the zoo. Have fun at the Petone fair. Be careful of the ominous weather though.

Susie - So nice that your boss was able to go into China on business after all. Hopefully it will all work out as planned. Congrats on the loss at TOPS! Any loss is better than nothing! So good that you have a new incentive to lose weight. Thanks for asking about the insomnia...what brought it on the other night is working on the video until after 10. Normally I try and start unwinding at around 8. Also, I forgot about taking Melatonin, so I took some at 11 or 11:30. I slept better last night.

Happy - How wonderful that you'll be given an award for all your help with the Humane Society!! Enjoy the Crabfest buffet tonight. Wow, no sales at the store on Thursday. Must've been boring. I'm glad your hair appointment went well. I think New Orleans is like a lot of big that are fascinating and beautiful and parts that are downright scary. I know San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles are like that. Does a cold water rinse help preserve hair color? Whenever I get my hair colored "strawberry blonde" the reddish tones always fade out in a couple weeks and then it's just blonde. Good thing I like that color too.

Terra - Your dog is adorable. Good for you on all your walking...and on going to the support group meetings. Support is very important as we deal with life's challenges.

Annie - So sorry to hear about your ganglion cyst and the carpel tunnel! I hope the brace helps it heal. Good luck with your taxes. I have to compile all the paperwork. Mine are complicated this year because of working in two different states. Have a great weekend, sista!

I'd better get back to it. Still lots more to get done even if my website hosting research report is done.

Much love and many hugs,

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